• General

  • What is Make4me?

    Make4me is a young and motivated company specializing in professional tools and cosmetic production for makeup artists, beauty salons and personal use.

  • Is your cosmetic natural?

    Yes, Make4me cosmetic is based on natural ingredients.

  • Does it contain any harmful ingredients?

    Our cosmetic doesn't contain any harmful chemicals.

  • Is it vegan free?

    Not tested on animals! Most products do not include animal ingredients. Only Golden Scrub includes snail secretion filtrate, however it may be permitted or limited depending on a vegan diet.

  • How to order?

    Add desired products to the cart. Once done, open shopping cart, fill all required data, select payment method and proceed purchase.

  • Where are you located?

    Our production and warehouse are located in Ukraine, Eastern Europe. We ship our products worldwide.

  • Do you have agents in other countries?

    We want to make our products as more accessible as possible. That's why we initiated a distribution offer for our wholesale customers in the U.S., Canada, UK, Australia and European Union. You can find all available stores here

  • Do you offer wholesale?

    Yes. We apply wholesale prices for 10 or more pieces of a product per order. You can order Wholesale products here

  • What are your wholesale rates?

    We apply up to 50% off prices for orders with 10 or more pieces of a product.

  • Do you send free samples (collaboration)?

    We do not offer free samples of our products or any kind of collaboration based on free samples. If you would like to try the product but you have some concerns, we offer our Promo Kits with lower prices.

  • How much do we charge at the salon per client?

    We do not consult our customers with price suggestions for beauty procedures using our products.

  • Products

  • What is Brow Paste?

    Brow Paste – is a white paste created for makeup artists and browmakers to outline eyebrows shape before dyeing. Find out more here

  • How to use Brow Paste?

    Apply Brow Paste around the desired shape of eyebrows with a brush, creating even edges. In the middle of the eyebrows shape dye with tint or henna. After staining, rinse the paste with plain water. Brow Paste has a thick consistency for creating a dense layer on the skin that resists any color on it. When applied, skin temperature warms up the oils and Brow Paste becomes more elastic. The optimum temperature for working with Brow Paste is between 18ºC (64ºF) to 27ºC (80ºF).

  • Can I use Brow Paste for microblading and permanent makeup? No!

    Brow Paste contains Titanium Dioxide which is powder white color ingredient. While using Brow Paste on microblading, permanent makeup or other techniques with skin damaging there's a risk that Titanium Dioxide will mix with permanent tints and penetrate under the skin. We strongly DO NOT RECOMMEND to use Brow Paste with microblading or permanent makeup.

  • How long does Brow Henna last?

    The phenomenal fortitude of the product’s ingredients allows the henna to stay on the hairs for up to six weeks.

  • How to care my stained eyebrows?

    In order to prolong stained effect of your eyebrows you need to stick to these simple but important suggestions:
    1) Do not use any removers or micellar water on your stained eyebrows.
    2) Use Color protector when applying makeup removers on your face.
    3) Reduce contact with eyebrows when you wash your face.

  • Payments

  • Is my information PCI compliant and secure?

    Of Course! In today’s payments landscape, security is of the utmost importance.
    Make4me along with Fondy payment gateway protects your data through secure 256-bit SSL certificate, Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode, PCI and Comodo.

  • Does Make4me store my client's credit card numbers?

    NO! We don’t store any sensitive credit card data on our servers or within your order information.
    All transactions are processed through secure API’s (Fondy payment gateway) which means that you’re protected and your credit card number is properly encrypted and protected.

  • How to pay with credit cards?

    1) Add your desired products to shopping cart;
    2) Open shopping cart;
    3) Fill all required billing and shipping address information;
    4) Agree to Terms of Service;
    5) Press purchase button;
    After that you will be redirected to the payment gateway.
    6) Fill in your credit card details such as 16-digits number, expire date and 3-digits CVV-code (on backside of your card) and press pay button.
    Please, make sure your card is allowed for international internet payments. This is important for the U.S. customers since most USA banks limit credit cards for international transactions by default.
    If you tried and transaction wasn't successful (error '1004'), please don't worry. Just confirm with your bank that you want to proceed international payment and try again.

  • Why is my credit card rejected? (error code 1004)

    Most of American banks limit credit cards for international transactions by default.
    If you tried to pay and transaction wasn't successful, please don't worry. Just confirm with your bank that you want to proceed international payment and try again.
    For any other issues with unsuccessful transactions we recommend to contact your bank.

  • Do you accept PayPal?

    PayPal Business accounts are not available in Ukraine.

  • Shipping

  • Shipping Information
  • Where do you ship?

    We ship to most countries worldwide. However, some countries may have restrictions. If you did not find your country in the list, please contact us with additional information:
    1)list of desired products and their quantity
    2) recipient full name
    3) shipping address
    4) phone number

  • How long is shipping?

    After processing and leaving the warehouse, items usually take between 7 and 21 days to arrive at their destination.
    Rarely it may take longer due to overloading at customs.

  • When will my order by shipped?

    Visa / MasterCard payment method: we send orders within 3-5 business days after successful credit card payment.
    PayPal invoice payment method: we send orders within 5 business days after confirmed invoice payment.

  • What shipping methods do you accept?

    We accept International Air Mail (par avion)