What is Levissime Dye

Spanish brow and lash dye
LEVISSIME is a Spanish eyelash and eyebrow dye brand. Using LASH COLOR, you’ll get a penetrating and shiny gaze in a natural and subtle way.

The gaze gets intensity with no use of mascara. Carefully designed to respect the eyes area.

The active ingredients contained maximize the color intensity and fixation, offering at the same time hydration and care to the eyelash and eyebrow.

Levissime dye lasts up to 3-4 weeks on hairs and 3-7 days on the skin.
Before / After
See and compare the staining effect of the Levissime dye
How long does Levissime last?
3-7 days on the skin
The results are represented for dry skin type.
3-4 weeks on eyebrow hairs
Learn below how to achieve the best results for hair staining.
How to make it last longer?
How to achieve the best staining results.
Professional skills
Master's level experience is the most important. Learn how to improve your skills with our Online Training course.
Clean eyebrows
Use Shampoo foam [Add to Cart] to delicately and deeply clean eyebrows and skin surface before dyeing them with Levissime.
Use original oxidant
Use only original Activator [Add to Cart] when mixing Levissime dye.
Follow the staining time
Keep the dye up to 15 minutes on eyebrows to get deeply stained color.
Avoid makeup removers from eyebrows
Any makeup remover or micellar water will reduce dye lasting on your eyebrows.
Dry skin
Oily skin type may reduce dye lasting time.
Proper care
Avoid eyebrows when washing your face. Water washes away the stain effect.
Levissime products
Starter Kits
Benefits for your clients to choose dye eyebrows
Penetrating and shiny gaze
With no use of mascara
Formulated to respect the eye area
How to use
Step-by-step guide how to dye eyebrows with Levissime
Remove makeup (optional)
Remove makeup from the area with Biphase.
Clean eyebrows
Use BH Shampoo foam to delicately and deeply clean eyebrows and skin surface before dyeing them with Levissime. You can use other cleansers to degrease the skin and hairs.
Add BH Shampoo to Cart
Eyebrows shape
Design the eyebrows' shape by removing unwanted hairs. Use tweezers / wax / threading to get ideal the shape.
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Prepare dye mixture
Mix Levissime Lash Color dye with the Lash Activator, in equal measure 1 to 1 until obtaining a smooth and creamy mixture. We recommend our Mixing toolkit for a quick and proper blend.
Add Mixing toolkit to Cart
Apply Levissime
Once the dye mixture is ready, apply it properly to the eyebrows.
Create gradient effect
Wait 3 minutes and remove the eyebrows beginning. Use a cotton swab (dampen it slightly with some water if the dye becomes tight). This will give the eyebrows a nice gradient effect.
Remove dye
Leave on for 15 minutes.
After the time of exposure, remove the product with a dry cotton disk firstly, then use a cotton disk dampened with water.
Enjoy your Levissime eyebrows :)
And don't forget about proper care
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henna eyebrows at your salon?
What is the difference between eyebrow dye and henna?
Brow Henna vs. Levissime

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Brow Henna
Lasts on hairs
6-8 weeks
3-4 weeks
Lasts on the skin
5-14 days
3-7 days
Chemical (needs oxidant)
Procedure time
40-120 min
20-60 min
Product cost
starting at $29
starting at $15
Procedure cost
40-50% higher than tinting
40-50% lower than henna dyeing
6 g / 0.21 oz / 100 procedures
15 ml / 0.51 fl oz / 60 procedures
Requires allergy test
no need
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