Brow Henna Blonde Set

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BH Blonde Set


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Three universal shades of BH Brow Henna Set will give your eyebrows expressive volume, rich color and incredible fixation for up to six weeks. Thanks to the minimal usage of henna, one set is enough for 280-300 procedures.

BH Brow Henna Set Brown is an ideal choice for light-blonde and dark-blonde beauties, burning brunettes, and languid brown-haired women.

BH Brow Henna Set Brown is specially developed for light-blonde and blonde women.


  • #1 Pearl Blond good for blondes with very white, almost transparent skin. It gives a very gentle result that is as natural as possible. We recommended adding a bit of graphite concentrate to avoid an undesirable warm tint with yellowness.
  • #2 Light Blond is for women with olive skin tone, as it softens the coldness of the skin. It is also recommended for women with Slavic skin types. When mixed with No 3 Light Chestnut it turns into a beautiful muscat color.
  • #3 Light Chestnut is one of the most popular shades for blondes with honey, golden and apricot hair tones. Also recommended to women with bright red hair.


Mix the henna in a metal container with 3-5 drops of Aqua mineral of high purity BH Brow Henna at a 2:1 ratio. Mix the resulting mixture thoroughly. If necessary, add water or henna to obtain a consistency similar to that of soy sauce. Allow the mixture to stand for 1 minute.

Net weight: 6 g / 0.21 oz 

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