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LEVISSIME eyelashes and eyebrows dye
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New LEVISSIME eyelashes and eyebrows dye. Using LASH COLOR, you’ll get a penetrating and shiny gaze in a natural and subtle way.
The gaze gets intensity with no use of mascara. Carefully designed to respect the eyes area. The active ingredients contained maximize the colour intensity and fixation, offering at the same time hydration and care to the eyelash.


1. Remove make up from the area with Biphase.
2. Prepare the mix in a plastic bowl. Mix the Lash Colour with the Lash Activator, in equal measure 1 to 1 until obtaining a smooth and creamy mixture. With a brush, cover all the eyelash with the mixture. Leave on for 15 minutes.
3. After the time of exposure, remove the product with a cotton wool dampened with water. Move in the direction of the eyelashes (downwards), thereby removing the product without it going into the eyes.
4. Dry the eyelashes with a tissue. Brush the eyelashes.

Vol.: 15 ml / 0.51 fl oz 

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